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On a few occassions in my real estate career, come across some customers and clients who believe that they will be better off finding a new home without a Property Valuer. They believe that if they go directly to the Seller’s Agent with an offer, they’ll get a much better deal, and will be able to negotiate a lower price than with a Buyer’s Agent. In some cases, with the right background information, access to all sold homes in the area, the ability/experience to do a market analysis on a home, and negotiation training, a person might be successful with this theory. However, in most cases, this tactic could be quite costly. Most consumers, even the very intelligent, well educated, thorough buyer who enjoys doing the research themselves, can miss very important details that an experienced agent deals with on a daily and weekly basis. Sometimes, buyers think that the Seller’s Agent will reduce their commission if they don’t have to pay a Buyer’s Agent. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The seller and the Seller’s Agent have a signed contract for the agreed upon commission, regardless of whether the Buyer’s Agent is used. Often, the seller has already considered the commission when listing, and the Listing Agent expects to receive the entire amount. It’s somewhat of a bonus to receive both sides of the commission. However, it’s also twice the work. Occasionally, a listing agent will reduce their commission a small amount (a couple of thousand at best). In those cases, often it makes no difference if there’s a Buyer’s Agent involved. I’ve seen commission reduced with and without a Buyer’s Agent.

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Boats & Gulets

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