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About Us

Megri Yachting, established in 2005 in Fethiye, targets to carry its ambitiously formed Blue Voyage and gulet experience to a more prestigious point. Our gulets complementing the beauty of the Mediterranean, are inviting you to a one or two week special and blue yacht trips with their professional crew and elite service approach. When your trip starting with the first step on the boat arrives at the blue waters, it opens you the doors of a magical world. Each of our boats is designed for the Blue Voyage and every detail is well thought for vacation, and they are the top quality boats of their class. The gulet crew consists of expert, intellectual and genial professional marines who are experienced in seamanship and the Blue Voyage. Our crew speak Turkish, English and German, in order to reach the demands of all our guests with no problems. For an unforgettable Blue Voyage in a unique nature, deep blue sea and warming sun and with joyful moments among the beloved ones and full of memories to remember for a lifetime, you only think and plan what to bring with yourself. Leave all the details about settling in elite Mediterranean boutique hotels and Blue Voyage to us.

Our corporation is settled in Marmaris.

Why Meğri ?

Meğri Yachting take its turkish name ‘’Meğri’’ from the old name of Fethiye. Meğri which is originally Greek word means ‘’hard to reach’’ turned to Ottoman word ‘’Meğri’’ in time.

As Meğri Yachting, We are offering the unexplored beauty and the distant lands of old times together with the the unforgettable memories. Bring the people
you love and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful sea by discovering the distant southern shores of Turkeys.

Meğri Yachting is bringing a new and different perspective to blue cruise tours with its luxurious boats and gulets .

Now it is so easy to feel the unforgettable Turkish coastline by Meğri Yachting.

Company Profile

Megri Yachting is a corporation which serves in scope of activities like; Blue Voyage, gulet and yacht charter, and yacht brokerage (trading, maintenance, after sales services). It provides the precious customers special gulet and yacht cherter and sales services for unforgettable holidays in unique coves of Turkey and Greece.
Megri Yachting, gaining power and experience from all distance covered in different routes, took one step further and started serving in yacht brokerage, too. Making your yacht dream real, Megri Yachting provides a solution partnership in all subjects like sales, maintenance and restoration. Special design yachts and gulets carrying all the craftsmanship of hand and wood work are awaiting to make your dreams real.

Fethiye chamber of commerce and industry